lunes, 13 de febrero de 2012

Rangers fans, all united by the some love, passion!

This chronicle, I finished writing the Sunday night, the bitter news that our days are not included. Today is a sad day. But I want to say something. Our history is rich, our future is promising because it will overcome this difficult time and we will provide for another title. Let friends, it´s time to support THE RANGERS ever.  Rangers fans, all united by the some love, passion!

Faced with skepticism both abundant, real in many cases, the early stages of the match were terrifying. The playing field was in bad shape, our game too. This must never be an excuse, we will play in areas worst, but how could we explain the performance for the remainder of the match and the overwhelming landslide.

The truth is that the first quarter of play, someone was missing that controls the movement of the ball. The result was always the same repetition, give the ball to Aluko and he did what he could throw balls or stale and indefinite, as a resource that is not always effective. I want to understand me because I´m not against the long balls. The long balls are a resource, not a goal in itself. In these instances, Dunfermline pressed us and traed to take away the ball. It was not so difficult, our defenders dodged the ball into the aire to the delight of locals. An example of this occurred when Bocanegra received only the ball, there was no close rival and he chose the destination long balls with Black and White shirts.  And Shagger did the same thing several times with no luck. Generating tension…

And here, I mean something that can create repeated ad nauseam in my friends, but no less real. Even when we allow ourselves to attack by the right side of our defense? Does not talk and practice, working in the week? I was very angry tos se the ball across the area. It is not new. Go by, first, Bartley or whoever is in there (may be the right midfielder while backing, for help), not have to let them pull centers, reject, remove the ball, but keep focus. Second, when the ball is going to the area, someone has to reject it away, le tus not anticipate or do not let continue to circulate until the far post.

For the first time, both Papac and Wallace were very content. They did not move with Speedy on the side like we are accustomed. And Wallace appealed to long balls to connect with Healy, vague attempts, ineffective in a general apathy. The required was to connect with Edu and Davis to get the clean ball to Healy, but that did not happen, it was time, lacked a decision. In football as in other walks of life, flexibility is required to reconsider the action. It is not just to stay with irreductible scheme. You have to change, although difficult.

When The Rangers was proponed, ie, change, or better, getting back together, play the ball forward with the ball under control, our face is changed. Our game became more dynamic, perhaps too turned to the Leith, where we have the greater firepower.

With the debable in the William Hill Scottish Cup, someone had to put the tea, on his shoulder, an expresión that we use here, when someone is the flag to carry out the actions. It was Lee McCulloch. More advanced than usual (at the beginning of his career he used to play striker), JIG was the voracius warrior date, tireless fighter, a badge in difficult times. And noblesse oblige, we shut the mouths of all who question him in the past (I incluide myself in that list). I want to say publicly, Lee always gave himself for the shirt. Other than connecting to Healy, made the one-two for the first goal. His whole goal, the second-it was manufactured. Brought back to goal and marked lack the necessary goal to give us some peace.

The second half was another story. Although it costs us a few minutes to settle in the area we were able to differentiate. In this instance, Papac was key because it started and commanded the attacks, he sought out Davis, fought for the ball and throw some interesting sites, one with a snake effect that ended up losing.

Our easy flank remained the right until Super-Ally realized, made a tactical need, in my opinion, he  brought Bartley and Broadfoot go to field to see if anything was changed. Until then, the Pars chose the right to attack and they did to our impossibilities. For Bartley, I must note that required help from a midfielder to contain the rise and could not do it alone. An example is when averaging the second half, Aluko back to assist, marked, but made mistakes. That is not their role.

Aluko us getting used to scoring goals sensational. A dipping possibly swerving shot from 25 yards was smashed past Smith after a good build up involving McCulloch and Mervan. Celik, while playing showed some interesting things. He used to play on the left in Sweden, a place that we have well covered. But he knows how to protect the ball and deal with strength and determination. Mervan has yet to get into the rhythm of play. Almost scored a headed goal and kicked several times a bow. And finally we can talk about the fourth goal. Salim Kerkar, this guy is pure optimism, sometimes played as a pointer, even made him a nutmeg a defender of Dunfermline. We are all Salim Kerkar. This is also credited with Super-Ally and technical staff, as is also worthwhile putting McCulloch second attacker. A risky option that was ultimately excellent.


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