sábado, 31 de diciembre de 2011

Gracias a todos. Happy 2012!!!

I want to thank all Rangers fans across Scotland, England and Northern Ireland and around the World (from Dallas, Calgary, Daytona, Afghanistan, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Romania, and long etc), by the year 2011. As I write these words, all you go through my head –both of Twitter, Facebook, FollowFollow and others forums-, not want to forget anyone. You will be tonight on my toast.

This year, I have learned many things from you. It was very intense. Although I finished the year with some personal woes, I value all conversations on social networks and I hope to see you in person at Ibrox in 2013, talk, shout a few goals and take some beers!! Knowing this emblematic stadium, rebuilt from a very young my memory with the photos he found in various newspapers. I think I thrill to enter Ibrox.

We shared all kinds of moments. I want to remember three of the moments that touched me this year and share it with you. Besides the great interview I did with Andrew Dickson to Rangers Magazine. First, McGregor save the penalty of Samaras, an achievement that led to the title. The second moment of the year, Jelavic goal against Celtic in the CIS Cup final and the third, in the rain , the touching farewell of Walter Smith at Ibrox, I it gave me goose bumps, and some tears fell.

I hope that 2012, we are united, supporting our legendary club. Adversity is not an obstacle, it make us stronger. We always have to support the causes that seem fair. Let´s keep sharing, chatting, arguing, and vibrating. From this hidden room in the world, I will still each time putting the Rangers tops and shout for our team. From here, I´II still mad at my blog  and some inconsistencies in my bad English!!!

Hernán Federico Pacheco 
La Plata, Argentina 

FELIZ 2012

jueves, 29 de diciembre de 2011

Celtic 1-.0 Rangers. It's time to change.

I am extremely disappointed, I was disappointed on Saturday against Saint Mirren and I did not write anything. I actually wrote something and removed it. Apathy may be the word. Nothing had changed and nothing changed against Celtic. The team plays baldy or worse has not set pattern. Worst of all is that this matches to be won only with the shirt. Celtic defenders burned the ball and they rejected it. It was a vulnerable team but we were unable. Do not imagine something different, we are embracing a game bland, predictable and it will not be solved by incorporating new players. I want to be clear, I do not speak only of names or positions on the court. We talked about tactics, talk about strategy to raise the matches.

Why let our rivals are the leaders? This is a question, probably provoking, that I do regularly since the start of this season. I try to find some answers trying to rid myself of prejudice. I understand that the midfield is a transitional space, where you must fight for control of the ball, but it is also necessary to have skilled players, creators, once retrieved the ball, generate blocks to reach the goal rival. And this, you understand, not just about McCulloch or Edu but the way midfielders and defenders use the resources to wait for the error to retrieve the ball rival. Okay, that´s one way. Okay, that´s one way. But this mechanism is exhausted when, as on the eve of Christmas, there is a team like the Saint Mirren, who makes a good moving the ball and come to our area to do harm.

Probably I´m wrong, but why let the Celtic act? We left space, they beat us again the midfield. At no stage of the game cut the circuit rivals. And that Celtic is a mediocre team, ordinary moments, whose exclusive remedy was to give the ball to Bayal for him to pull the area Samaras and Hooper were fixed individually.

It´s time to react, we are The Rangers, we cannot, I repeat, we cannot hope to rival. Be more daring. Press, wear down the opponent, they feel they cannot do anything! And here I agree with a tweet @vanderhogg wrote after the match. “We have zero leadership. We are totally gutless”. Although I would add: we have a huge identity problem of collective game, as evidence when individuals do not shine. An act of helplessness turned to see the output from the bottom, the team is drowning in its own impossibilities, no progress in the field and ends and giving the ball back to McGregor or Broadfoot to throw a pitch that ends in nothing. That´s what I call lack of identity. Inability to create. This is not new, it happened in much of the season.

Not a time to move the waters. Now we have to support the team more than ever. Asking, demanding a change of gravity. It´s time to change. I do not think this is resolved by asking someone´s head. Our opponent has a set petty, dull and still missing much of the season. Adversity, not be an obstacle to our ability. Do not be irritable. Today we opened a new challenge. Winning the title because, WE ARE RANGERS!!!

domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2011

Rangers 2-1 Inverness. Perplexing ambiguities

A few weeks ago I was talking about a cyclothymic character´s performance of Rangers. To understand, at least a little, the win against Inverness necessarily has to go back to that word, but side stepping the emotional swings of the game. At one point the second half, we bombed to Inverness, we thought the goal would come after the blast, but did not, and, immediately afterwards, we lost in irrelevance, we fell in performance gaps and we yielded to the impulses of the Caley Jags, more as a result of Andrew Shinnie action. Another former player of our club that we score a goal this season.

Rangers do not spend your best time in the construction of the game, possession and distribution of the ball. Lack of coordination to advance, something unfortunately common in the cycle. But we must qualify this with the brightness, efficiency to define the matches, Jelavic before, now Lafferty. It was really a second half of tension, some degree of disappointment, the goal against, the disallowed goal, lack of concentration on defense (here we note the importance that has won Goian in the sector. Indispensable I would say). Everything was so tense that when we scored the second goal, it was liberating…at least for me. It was so liberating that I thought the goal was Jelavic, and screamed with such passion that, seeing there play of the goal, I knew it was Kyle.

Sasa Papac began as a central midfielder in the same position as Bartley in the previous game. Though not its usual position, he learned to solve some of the challenges in this position, distributed, but fell into one of The Rangers and frequent deficits, the fight for the ball and mark rivals in the area. In the second half, with McCulloch´s entry for Edu, Papac left the position, as the containment of our team had many cracks. Davis went to the center where some connections began with the attack.
With the start of the second half took a few strokes, Gregg Wylde went on to plat on right in search of an alternative on that side because the left was well referenced by Wallace and Papac. I appreciate Gregg has two things that the modern game need speed and good technique, but I think he needs to make the break. Stop the ball and think, look around. When he plays on the left takes the ball and always runs to the bottom to pull the center. It is desirable that sometimes he feints and returns the ball back or midfield to a partner. I´m not saying, he quit throwing centers, most of which he pulls are virtuous, magic, but to compensate, generating alternatives. On the right side, against Inverness, Wylde always tried to gain speed to rival, but almost always lost the ball.

It would have to rethink a few things: Whittaker has brought in attack by the right, with some inaccuracies, but their performances have been very poor defense. Whitta has trouble marking opponents, and over, with its ups at the side, we sacrifice to Steven Davis, who has to cover, to relieve his constant overtaking. In recent posts, you have read on this crucial point. If you remember some of the attacks of Inverness, both as centers frontages in the area, most crossed from left to right. Not to mention the possibilities Gregory Tade has the right flank and ended in a goal from Shinnie. That should not happen, we have to cancel these possibilities. Or at least reduce. Or include another player in the lateral position or putting a defender and Whittaker who plays midfield on the right without many defensive duties. But we must repair the space left open to attack rivals.

There is a battle that, in my opinion, we could not win in most of the season. Winning the midfield, put our flag there, the fight for the position of the ball and when they attack us fight for recovery. We keep hoping that the opponent has an error, we look forward and not go out unbelievers to take the ball, scrape –like call it around here-, or at least preclude their progress, put difficulties. Nor do we have players with these characteristics. Today, I watched Sergio Busquets, Barcelone is the kind of player that does not appear at the top of the newspapers, he does the work for the Barcelone gear work. The market should be an instance in January to sign a ball retriever. Not enough to the effort made Edu, albeit vague with the passes.

And if all this we add that Davis suffered a blackout power that leaves our team without creation, the essential light to hit, to deepen. And at same time, we need leadership in tumultuous times. Although, I think I´m falling into a trap by claiming this. The team should not depend solely on the actions of Northern Ireland, we must ask resources. For example, entering Bedoya had its ups and downs. The American finished not convinces me. Although the ball did not come in a few occasions he fell for her. I believe that the option to join in the attack on Jelavic, with a link to the midfield was Bendiksen, who in the last two matches showed consistency.

Nikica Jelavic 18

Nikica Jelavic 18

We Are Not Neil Lennon!

We Are Not Neil Lennon!

Spot The Difference

Spot The Difference