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Andrew not Little, is huge, Big.

Near the end of season. There was really intense, many setbacks, paradoxes, disappointments, thrills…I want to rescue at this time what I think: unity in adversity. A few days ago came to my house, the red and black scarf. For weeks, I looked at the pictures of fans with their scarfs, a symbol of our time. Thanks to Jamie Hare (on Twitter is @jamiehare), I can go through the streets of my city, La Plata, proud, with my scarf. Thus, I feel that I participate at this time, our time. Do not about victories in the field, but what it means to Rangers for us all. After that we will look a little happened at Tynecastle.

Hearts started the match with a number of inaccuracies (still drunk with joy would have eliminated Septic to the Scottish Cup LOL). Initially, our pressure worked well at the start of the Jambos. Mo Edu established unions in the midfield. Although, as I have said on other occasions, he is a prominent player in the fight for control of the ball and does not convince me in moving the ball, is a bit hit and when pressed he often loses the ball. To make matters worse, the absence of Davis and the initial flash Aluko did not help much. But there was lit Rhys McCabe, who has perspectives that boy. For Edu, I can say it has ups and downs, after initial hesitation, he made passes and progress in the field.

On the afternoon of Tynecastle, Hearts was a team without ideas, a few pinches of apathy. They drew up the ball (and responsibilities). We take advantage of these disagreements and had two chances to score goals: first, large projection of Whittaker, transfer to Little, that broke and pulled the center to JIG. And second, after a cross from McCabe, the owner of the ball stops in the absence of skipper, Bartley had the opportunity to open the scoring.

Our games is usually interesting alternatives for the sides, but we do not we entered through the middle. At first, Aluko was off, Whittaker conflicted with Little (for me there´s a probably accidental and momentary overlap, but then I´II talk about that), and Wallace appeared that the face of adversity of the booing by Hearts last, using the pulling speed and the area centers. Apparently, Aluko was in the left position and the possibility of starting the attacks at a time when the game was becoming precipitate.

And so is football. Sone rubbed the lamp and appeared a work of art. Anthology of those goals that break all the schemes, which show the unpredictability, spontaneity in the service of magnificence. Of those goals where you get hurt your hands do not stop clapping. This man is a phenomenon. A bad day to glory in minutes. 1-0.

The midfield had some nuances, some already mentioned, Little played positioned on the right, which is nothing new, its function was overflowing, a fairly covered by Hearts. For this reason, Whittaker sought solutions more to the middle, where the field was actually mined. Unable to make progress there, Whittaker tried to locate Wallace on the left flank. The game moved into its spatial dimension. The left was established as a priority. Although football is not a linear game, whittaker took the catch of a ball and moved to the right, he executed a cross and Hearts goalkeeper prevented the goal of JIG.

Then, I journeyed by a kind of Déjà vu. Andrew Little scored style Super-Ally, as our manager in his moments of glory. With the body bent, harassment of pressure defense and the play speed and subitizing…2-0. Little defined as a veteran center forward. Andrew not Little, is huge, Big.

The second half was a better fir in Edu recovery of the ball. Aluko definitely more active, running down the left as a sprinter. In Hearts, Paulo Sergio established enter Spanish Suso Santana to play on the left because Bartley had some problems in this sector. Something disturbing happened to us when Beattie took the ball outside the area to shoot and no one left to cover, press or to cover the empty space. He was alone, very alone. A mistake that could have cost dearly. The shot went close.

The match became a fight, Hearts wants discount and insists on the left and we put our best bricks to cover everything. The inclusion of Suso was intended to undermine the most sensitive area of our defense. We do not cut the matching circuit for that place, we let them out there to harm us.

Edu was low to high the game. Edu has to receive and give, apologies for being so insistent. Here are entering a nightmare transition. At this point, we need to cut the siege rival. We need to solve our concentration.  It´s the transition that we go out is not always graceful. Attacking us again and again. The way to cut is holding the ball, another option is to attack. As in every match, McGregor took a ball impossible, the kind that usually go inside the net.

And after so insistently. Penalty for Hearts. A while before entered Templeton for Jambos, who will first match of the season had made some interesting moves at Ibrox. His entry to the field followed the logic of attacking the right side our defense, Aluko fouled Templeton. And the nightmare became a reality. Now, before the ball was Beattie, put the body well, but the ball went up, hit the cross barand left never to return!! (Quiet friend penalty last week was great!!)…The 3-0, Little has signed but it is another move by Whittaker, who finds the hole to leave Wallace only against the goalkeeper of your ex team, but he gave the Northern Irishman, who capped a great day.

martes, 3 de abril de 2012

Motherwell 1-2 Rangers. JIG is transformed into the Incredible Hulk

Generally, teams have consolidated resources, or innovations in the last minute. Many times people repeat formulas arises because no change something that had good results. Football is not a binary system is so complex that it would be simplistic to say that is played one way or another. Depending on when you choose the best option. Already in Ibrox, Whittaker was the entire second half essentially dumps attack, provided few defensive functions. At Fir Park, the overall schema change should be accompanied by a greater commitment by the pressure in midfield (Edu and Papac eventually) and quiet to distribute the ball. There were names: Aluko, Davis, Wallace. But when we find someone not free, we resolve the issue with long passes, essentially Perry (strictly speaking the truth, in the second half, he sought more passes on the floor). When these movements are not fruitful we lose control of the ball. Troubled at times a game against a team that play the ball is a mistake.

Whittaker definitely started as a midfield, concentrating the matching circuit for the sector in the early stages of the matche. He appeared by surprise. In developing the offensive game was also involved Davis, who left the defensive task of preceding match. Bocanegra in the absence of suspension and injury to McCabe, the staff formed a defense with three: Perry, Bartley and Goian.

A priori, the midfield wa fatter. The targets, in my view, contain the dynamics of Motherwell, a team playing the ball progresses. Even if this was the objective for the first time, we fail.  We do not handle the middle, we lost the ball easily, and they were quick, precise taps. Product of the latter goal come from Motherwell, Humphrey, a sprinter, gave the ball to a teammate and ran in search of return, the ball bounced off Papac and unintentionally enabled to Humphrey. The right end ran to the bottom of the area and, before the departure of McGregor, ceded to Ojamaa. 1-0.

It seems to me that playing Papac performs better than the left in midfield, a place which is constrained to move in another way. On the flank, he defends well and is projected to attack. I think the questions in the midfield are all responsibilities of Papac. In the early stage, Motherwell took the lead, pressed us and they got several balls. Humphrey was hard to take. Agile, he won and speed exceeded Wallace. A real headache. Until Goian and patched appeared that mistake. The Romanian wall came to mark Humphrey, canceled it and not seen again the attack on the right.

After the local goal, The Rangers began to press, we are not paralyzed by early disadvantage. We force the defense, they tried not to think, we press. As a result, a defense rejected the ball. Whittaker was waiting outside the area, which took the ball and launched a guided missile. It is wonderful to see how the ball will take effect deceiver and ends resting on the side of the goal. GOL, no Golazo. 1-1.

The match could have taken a turn critical if the referee charged the penalty that the goalkeeper Randolph commits to Aluko. To make matters worse Iain Brines got a yellow card for Aluko. A blunder. On the play and the television replay clearly shows the action (bottom, I added a photo enlightening).

JIG is always willing to go the limit, to fight for the ball in the area or elsewhere. Although during the first half, the ball came soon to the area. Excluding penalty uncollected, the rest were all approaches from outside the area, including the goal. That says a lot.

In the second half forged a series of rotations that seemed to find surprises, some alternatives also in the attack. In the middle, Whittaker moved to the left, Davis followed by the right but with a slightly deeper. He joined Papac to look deep. The Rangers almost scored the second after millimeter center of Papac, David played before. Whittaker headed over the crossbar. There began siege at the exit of Motherwell and Aluko received faults.

The first intervention of McGregor, one of which then become the man of the match, began with a mistake in cutting Goian, which rejects head and enable Ojamaa attack, Bartley cannot hold and the attacker gave the ball to Lasley. This in front of Goal, McGregor launched a shot that sends a corner kick. We did not score well, do not adjust the mark and we press on defense. We leave a large space in the center, between defense and midfield. They continue to control the ball. Papac out, Lafferty in. A movement of critical parts.

JIG came more into contact with the ball and Aluko tried one of those plays typical of his fantastic repertoire. He took the ball, picked it up and as a ballet dancer, took turns with the ball and lifted it several more times. The defenders could not keep up dancing and were exhausted after the fantasist. After a foul stopped the score. Free kick. Davis, it was close. Since then we rushed us to as siege. Laffery, Aluko, all attempting to reach and score some goals.

If there is not a goalkeeper, where there? McGregor demonstrated throughout the entire season value. Its international status is undeniable. Its excellent saves. A savior!!! At Fir Park was no exception. After a series of moves, Higdon receives nearly point penalty, and McGregor avoids kick a goal. Catch of anthology. Impressive.

At the end of the game, we seek the sides to fill the center area. Andrew Little, who had joined a few minutes ago, replacing Edu, took a pass from Whittaker and threw the cross. Aluko hit the ball but Randolph prevented the goal and a defender cleared the ball to the side. The winning goal begins with the long side running Perry, the ball reaches the area asking for permission, until out of nowhere appears Lee McCulloch, 2-1. JIG is transformed into the Incredible Hulk.

Nikica Jelavic 18

Nikica Jelavic 18

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