lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011

Kilmarnock 1-0 Rangers. Chronicle of an announced fall

In recent months, my family and work environment has created a routine on Monday and subsequent days, all Ieft wondering how The Rangers? Won? Tied? Lost? When they see my face answer comes without saying anything. A few weeks ago, in the light of victory against Dundee at Ibrox, one of my friend told me “The season is over, you already won”… although I appreciated the support, I tried not to sign that statement, not only by prudence but because there season ahead and the teams are often cyclothymic, go through different stages, which have thousands of explanations (deepening crisis, losing key players, etc, etc).

I am afraid that, our game has become predictable. The rivals met us around. And if we add to our key players (David, Lafferty, Jelavic, etc), which can make a difference, not having a good time. This is what I call a lack of thinking that leads to a generalized disorder.
Recall an attack with the ball. The Rangers tried to enter from different sides. As we did not find space for improvement –Nikica, very marked, sometimes down due to receive the ball- the ball led to Broadfoot and always, always, a center for the goalkeeper to take the ball without opposition. To that, I call it lack of ideas, inability to generate alternatives. The circuit of play, in that part of the field, could be improved with the inclusion of Papac and Wallace. They are complemented very well so far this season.  They have discretion to make the opponent and also inserted in the centers and offensive outbursts.

The problem we have in midfield verges seriously, we have no control of that space. It´s a free pass area… for rivals. Kilmarnock to move the ball, watched us pass. Our pressure was to draw us to rival and we came back to back when the opponent gave the ball to a teammate. We established a clear opposition not consistent. And I think we need a sacrifice to retrieve the ball. There are many ways to retrieve the ball. One is over to the rival, not let it progress, cutting their game. McCulloch cannot fulfill that role. Its lack of dynamics does not allow it. We do not have many players in the group who can play that role, so we always end up opting for McCulloch or Mo Edu. Jamie Ness is not a player to remove the ball, has quality and distribution, McKay, either… I cannot think of other names.

The element of surprise did not finish paying off. If we consider that Sone Aluko was not playing professionally for some time, the Nigerian matching started well, playing right into the center, fighting for the ball, giving the ball to Whittaker and then to Davis. Aluko sinned at times of excessive individual plays, “making more” is the term used for these lands. But he was able to get away from marks and receive the ball. Apparently, Aluko was a good choice for both a lack of creativity in our team. In the first half, I did not know he was going to move to where he was to leave the ball dominated. At other times, he got back to the defenders and was absorbed by the mark. Averaging the first half, the Killie spaces closed his right side and Aluko went on to play on the left to get the ball because Whittaker preferred Davis to look more to create plays.

A move could be seen as the metaphor of performance of our team. The left side, it does Broadfoot, Davis received the ball unmarked sees no one gives a few turns with the ball and try again controlled his footsteps to make a long pass to Broadfoot. The ball goes out of the field. Beyond the metaphor that can contain only one point in the match, because if the shot came Aluko, or shot in solitude Bedoya, the story would have been different. Henceforth, it is necessary to assume the role of matches, take the initiative implicitly suggest that the rival will find stiff opposition.

domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2011

Rangers 0-0 St. Johnstone. Frustation.

Frustration and disappointment are the word that flew over my head after the match at Ibrox. The performance was poor. Missed connection, lacking ideas, missed whole game, making two passes in a row, dominating the ball. And that was noted in the performance of Davis, a thermometer to our aspirations. Although these situations, I usually find them as opportunities to see the low spots that can be improved. That does not deny or justify the poor performance.

But for a moment, be compassionate and think about the dynamics of events (including the famous international break). The succession of changes, not only names but also the roles may be hampering performance. To me, in particular, I like to see the duopoly set Sasa Papac and Lee Wallace on the left side, both defensively and offensively are coordinated very well. And now see Broadfoot was a bad movie. He goes into the brush, cutting the game and discussing inconsequential. I estimated Broadfoot´s love for our club, but lately has not had good performance.

There is a variable, which for me is the most worrisome. Beyond that St. Johnstone benefited from the lack of ideas of our team. St. Johnstone came to Ibrox to play a game similar to Saint Mirren, pressure, more pressure, let us not think, fight in the center of the field to retrieve surprised with the ball and isolated actions, often well-coordinated.

Part of the poverty of our game has a symptom that runs the dates, but that is qualified according to the overwhelming victories. This symptom is (and again apologize to my readers for my insistence) both Broadfoot and Whittaker, seeing no unmarked players, gave the ball to McGregor and he ended up pulling the lottery balls in midfield or opposing defenses, who took up the game. As a resource, long balls are not effective. One may think we have Jella or Lafferty, they can stop the ball, but rivals are already familiar with this trend, repetitive, and anticipate. Exit from the bottom of the ball dominated implies greater discipline in the passes. A scheme which are not used.

Sooner or later, we were going to suffer the absence of Naismith. And I do not think his absence is the main cause of the malfunction, there are several factors that might explain the painful day at Ibrox. However, Naisy, besides being one of the scorers in the SPL, had become an emblem, its power was decisive in the rival area, to tease, to assist their partners, to the fight (Naisy is a fierce fighter) to create plays forcing fouls, as did Claudio Caniggia at the time.

And still not find a replacement, which already has become almost an obsession for The World Rangers. Let me say that no replacement, Naisy is unique and professional moment was unique. And the options being considered are not developing similar yields. Ale Bedoya? In this match, has not shown much. I do not want him to drop you responabilities, do not think he deserve it, he arrived recently and has not played many matches to make a whole evolution of its performance. Aluko? It is an unknown, over the days we will see what he is capable of giving the club, if he finally left.

In essence, in the second half, well, much of the gams, lacked ideas to break the siege imposed by St. Johnstone, without the frenzy ineffective. Potential generation had its good time when Super-Ally got John Fleck in field to stop de ball and enable moves, when our team not in possession of the ball and was attacked by the rival. Fleck finally fell into the prevailing anxiety and he could not make a difference. But I feast on the field entering Fleck and Hemmings, two youths from the club, which over time can show many things.
Let for a moment to Kyle Lafferty. In the beginning it looked good, he played as a kinf of link, more committed to the team, was on his back, he distributed the ball, not enamored with the ball. The he began to be absorbed by the mark of St. Johnstone players, was lost in the insignificance and interspersed innocent loss of the ball with protests to the referee. Laff plays better freer, more offensive, accompanying the central forward, near the area of rivals.

I joined Twitter to see the impact and the first thing that popped into my view was a tweet from @JohnstoneDanny: “I've asked this question so many times, where would we be without Allan McGregor?”. And it really saves our goalkeeper is decisive. Today I counted at least two, which could have ended up bitter day. But Danny´s tweet made me think in another way. If we will face more senior rivals is not going to be achieved to have him. If you return to see the plays, in part, the lack of marking or facilitated coordination centers.

domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2011

Rangers 3-1 Dundee United. The World of Nikica.

No was Dynamo, who was in the Ibrox dressing rooms are showing their magic. Nikica Jelavic was, with its devastating presence. Jella came to Scotland in silence, and amid the succession of goals from Kenny Miller, waited for his opportunity. And today its presence in the penalty area is one of our most dangerous offensive traits. Defining a virtuoso, head, kick penalties, what more to ask! That life was fantastic atmosphere at Ibrox early, in honor of Poppy Day, The Armed Forced, a large crowd, I got goose bumps… and Penny Arcade. Of those days is a must.

In recent days we have seen a number of changes to the team who have been really positive in the light of the results and I think that should be attributed to the various key players injuries and decisions of the technical staff to give another dimension, surprise. Kyle Bartley made his first appearance since August, after recovering from a hernia operation and Matt McKay also started in place of Steven Naismisth, sidelined for the rest of the season with a cruciare ligament injury and Lee McCulloch a calf strain.

Here I want to make some assessments of the actions of Bartley and McKay. The Englishman showed his quality as a central force, quickly. I thought that with the performance of the duo Goian-Bocanegra, where Bartley was going to play, which I consider indispensable. And Super-Ally, in that capacity that characterizes it, we were surprised and put him in front of the defense, an atypical position. Kyle took the ball, surpised all and sundry at times, it shows that he has set criteria, but lacks control of the ball, when he tried to move forward. Another failure was attributable passes in crucial places. And before the defense sealed Bartley fill the center, you could not pass by. Therefore, Dundee players seeking to enter the sides to our area.

To me, Matt McKay is marked to be a reference to The Rangers in the future. His performance is reduced to quality + sacrifice. It´s a complete player, press, makes relays, distributed judiciously and strip center as the one who sent Nikica head for the first goal. Although I believe that no is the ideal replacement for Naisy. Both are players with different characteristics. Naisy is irreplaceable, has a remarkable gift to define from impossible angles and is one of those players with his personality multiplies its presence in the field. Yes, I believe that if McKay came into the starting eleven is to stay forever.

I want to go with something that worries me. Errors early in the match could have cost us dearly but for the imcompetence of Dundee United. To what can we attribute a How devolution? Is erratic marking the opponent? From the beginning of the game was clear, we had two lines of four well-defined progression of Dundee waiting, and waiting to go in speed on the counter, there´s no denying it. I´m going to insist on one point, at times, we let the opponent play and progress is unfailing. And that eventually paid. We were favored by the mistakers of the rival.

After an initial period of convulsions. David took the ball circulation proposed joining with Edu, without much presence in the game, and the aforementioned Bartley and McKay. Although in some passes missed ball, Davis is a clock, the time he manages the team, great coverage, and gave the ball rebounded. In the opener, was a change in our game circled the ball from left to right, to the astonishment of those in Dundee. McKay found the ball and the easy option was to give in to Bartley, unmarked, but he looked and saw the area Nikica, crouched, prepared, and McKay did not hesitate, became a center thar Jella let the ball hugging net. 1-0.

The Rangers used the resource centers Wallace to get on goal. But his injury, he left her playing and entered the field Wylde, who first player on the left and the second half, crossed to the right, passing left Edu. Wylde had an impact on the game at times, his speed was a problem for Dundee defenders. He, Dixon made the penalty kick. By the way it was run at Dixon anticipated the penalty, in the worst way. Jella said this and the penalty was 2-0.

Rather than reassure and have the ball. So we get back in those stages where confusion reigns. I do not understand how we kick, only to Kenneth from out the area. We return to the game to leave the initiavie to Russell, who just got caught. The side of Whittaker was conflicting. I´m not going to fall with the full weight of blame but we need to rethink Whittaker goes on there. Then, center and goal came off of Dundee, 2-1. It´s predictable. In the transition there was no court of play. Had to cut the game, not let throw centers.

The third goal, to here I use a word from my friend Tom Miller, whose language ability often helps us cope with hard times in some games RangersTV. The classic “slalon”, a specialty of Whittaker, center, and a spectacular header Nikica, at this point a gladiator in the area, Kenneth bounced off and ended up in the net. 3-1.

Nikica Jelavic 18

Nikica Jelavic 18

We Are Not Neil Lennon!

We Are Not Neil Lennon!

Spot The Difference

Spot The Difference