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Raith 0-4 Rangers. Ya F**king Dancer!

In a football game happens as in life, it all depends on how we are able to face the obstacles and sustaining the aspirations. There is no better feeling than that leaves a team when has skillful players for various positions, as they weave play, give everything of themselves. Player who break the corset, without neglecting the tactical command of the team.

The team put the ball flush with the ground, had left the clouds and ballistic missiles. This version of Rangers no longer dedicates to deforest areas with strikers as poles and defenders as beams. With an excellent veining in midfield, more confident, plethoric. Alternate a football more coral with guides that articulated the game. Putting the game pace, dose of daring, encapsulating the rival. It´s not a matter of mileage, but how are traversed to avoid the holes that cause uncoordinated defensive moves. It is learning to run in the appropriate direction for not out of position the tactical scaffolding displayed by the team.

There were no midfielder that not to invade Raith area by surprise, they turned up the pressure on starting the game for the deficiencies of his opponent are made manifest in missed passes and tests. Griefy, the locals were always insubstantial, appeared to have ben bunking off.

The same gave that the home defense be from plasticine, omnipresent, Rangers, dinghied him, reached to create plays between the lines. Have greatly improved the control, pressure and pass, which are the basis of good team play, creating an inconceivable panorama of uncovered spaces for the rivals. The player who received in this case McLeod found with whom to associate, Wallace went through his back, Black accompanied passively. Rangers decided where to defend, when and how to attack; employed very well that antidote to go to the place unoccupied.

Lewis tries to give fluidity to the game to one and two touches. As the Italians say, "Penso quindi gioco" (I think therefore I play). His football is brazenly irreverent, own of young people, though at times it flowed like a calm river. Without this kind of players the game becomes very routine. Law has the ability to pull the strings, give his team the necessary cadence, multiplying to steal balls and almost always anticipate and move away from the scene when necessary. Starting from that, with fondness for the ball and more vocation offensive. It is so important that their successes have as much impact as their failures. When he settles, the team expands. And when it disorienting when loses the site, all detuned.

Lewis was a double-acting pill on the mood of the team. Calmed the anxiety in some and accelerated pulsations in others, like Wallace or Boydy, that left off the bat were against the keeper. While was in the pitch, Boyd, failed to finish, score, sometimes for lack of marksmanship. But nobody reaches goals situations so easily. That does not have to worry.

Is it necessary to convert Lewis on the lighthouse around which will navigate the games? ¿Organizer with spare wheels? Do not seem to be easy questions to answer, the player already enjoys a value of transcendence, which requires the balance of the position of Black and Law. The problem is not whether Lewis is primus inter pares (first among equals), but even though have different names, the issue is the creative balance of the team. There is sharing out of tasks, Black o Law ordered the pressure line because it has the ability to communicate more fluently with the defense and the attackers. Probably one of the debts is placed with more judiciously cutting the progress of the adversary, either Raith Rovers or Queen of the South.

Fraser Aird is aggressive with the ball, dominating in the hand to hand. Could decipher a complex picture, always deep, well-shaped, with the usual diagonal, but this time chose another alternative, drone centers to the area from the right. The resolutions often seem to be at the expense of any detail or individual intervention. Clark was highest among high, headed and beat Laidlaw (0-1).

The team tried to play from the area, with the risk that entails. Mohsni took the ball and approached Black to assist, to correct and not raffle the ball. The problem is when the potential receptor, in this case, Black be marked, we must seek alternative of discharge. The former Hearts was more intent on protecting their defense, care position, to be the focus of the maneuvers and not move than a meter is necessary, except for his goal situation. He moved a little but was the most acted on the surroundings.

Rangers had a few drops of lucidity in a heartbeat converted into poison a domain that was at times insulting. A load of piff. The mistakes and lack of defensive coordination condemned to the locals. When Raith defenders were with the ball at his feet transited for a coming and going innocuous. Rangers adjusted the pressure wherein saw weakness. This took effect, Boyd chore and recovers the ball, passed it to Black, with wide open footpath, right footed shot from outside the box to the high centre of the goal (0-2).

Games like these underline the importance of Wallace. The offers on the transfers’ windows could have left us without a key player, who always surprises. So have to celebrate his stay at Ibrox. Football, which can’t be more tied to our everyday monotonous, is as a dancer on the brink, the possibility of any immense change in the last minute. And it is, indeed, one of the activities in which one can be less governed by certain logic.

With no time to blinking. Rangers continued to pressure the holder of the ball, Raith kept making mistake after mistake. In Picasso´s painting was the primary colors of Wallace, McLeod and Law, with some ocher which deformed the fineness to the move.  Nicky Law, from outside the area, ragdoll with the third goal, boom-ting one (0-3).

In the second half, the Kirkcaldy team stretches his legs, were shaken the hill-billy and began to create something, but at least something. Wallace was always on the ball when it is required defensively; he took on two legs, always well positioned. Wallace treads the opponent’s area by fortieth fifth time. Grant Anderson, by inertia, dismay or distress, has no choice to commit a foul. Lee McCulloch closed the scoring (0-4).

Scottish, Slang or words not too known

Dinghy: To ignore someone. The act of being ignored, ignoring or intending to ignore or someone or something.

Ragdoll: In Glasgow means to shake someone roughly.

Boom-ting: something excellent or impressive. An item of Black British slang adopted by adolescents during the 1990s, combining the slang sense of boom and the Afro-Caribbean pronunciation of thing.

Piff: Nonsense, doubtful. A 1980s shortening of the colloquial piffle, head among the adolescents.

Griefy: Depressing, troublesome. A fairly rare middle-class teenage and student term from the early 1970s.

Hill-billy: Chilly. An item of rhyming slang that probably originated in Glasgow rather than London.

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Rangers 4-2 QOTS. Life according Mohsni

There are victories that well metabolized, haet, are didactical. Always have to work on realities, not ideals. The correction with the entrance of Black at the start of the second half, change the course when the acute anger would harass Ibrox. Rangers still taking scratches from every encounter.

The outbreak of hostilities invited to think of a calculated confrontation. Queen of the South wants to be protagonist of the division, even with us and Embra teams in the same flat. This kind of teams does not hold more the potion of the caverns: of the keeper without hands, the defenses with stalactites, sweaty pivots and attackers of the big ones possible. The curriculum vitae of the adversary showed as tooth-puller for anyone.

Rangers pressed well, but could not make the second pass, of the breakdown. QOTS were grouped, look to reduce our spaces. They did play well without the ball, inducing Rangers to return to the usual script of Mohsni/long ball/set position to the opponent or impossible mechanical triangulations. Must be taken players predisposed to receive short to avoid falling into the sterile pelotazos (one derogatory way of describing the long ball in my language). And we had.  But also need to understand something, sometimes we are so direct that we do not need to elaborate, that game precipitate has its virtues and its equivalent risks. The issue is to evaluate a little better the sense of risk.

Rangers were an easy and simple back and forth for those dimensions that blur the transitions from defense to attack. Our fitbaw is and all or nothing offensive, we accept the exchange of blows because we have no other way. Today no one should subject the play of their teams to a tactical but to understand as intelligence must be applied to the service of the game, and consider that the best system is one in which the coach obtain the commitment of his players.

Rangers sailed with the ability to self-immolate when flourished some kind of rally. Mohsni was black-hole bill in the first half. Always bipolar, the line between temerity and courage of Mohsni is very subtle, sometimes invisible. Coexists with the harsh criticism and praise. An unfortunate clearance (which was often) or a robbery in the middle of the field could become a clear chance. And Queen of the South was tempted. Find space to the back of the dominant team always causes the temptation to print speed, and they did. In football as shorts blankets, is not achieved cover foot without discovering the head.

Offline. Simonsen goes with the long ball, midfielders and attacks do not connect. Doonhamers expected crouching one of these opportunities. With a simple pass from the visitors´ defense, Rangers is exposed, naked before the eyes of all. Daniel Carmichael knows all the time what to do, with our defense returning desperate to try to cover. Gavin Reilly received from the center of the area, it accommodate and hit the ball into a corner (0-1). The defensive coverage was dreadful.

We needed someone (not just one, but either must be individuals, executors of ideas) able to correct and cover each hole that was generated when the midfield was overrun. For those who watched the last World Cup, a kind of Mascherano multifunction (along with Biglia or Enzo Perez) in the Argentinian national team, covering the lethargy of his teammates and give some shouts to reposition, shaking his finger like a schoolteacher to their students. Without giving up the original idea. Generally, can do both if you have the appropriate players.

In the first half, Nicky Law left his energy by generosity, paying for it with lack of freshness in the final meters. But he had no accompaniment. Only Law can, in turn, running as a midfielder and as threatening as an attacker. This kind of survival requires solidarity and effort. Law touches much and moves it, what could be considered a virtue. But the team was not risking collectively in possession and the game was bureaucratic because in the next link there was no one to change the pace and open an overview much more clearly. Or the secure ball or the long ball. The price of not being surprised is not surprising.

Rangers had many free-kicks that missed, but had one on the right side of the area, which served to draw. Lewis sent the ball to the far post, McGregor dropped the ball, kicked but the keeper Clark covered it, causing a rebound, Zaliukas header, the ball with suspense, enters to the goal (1-1).
Peralta, very fitted to the side, traveled the pitch to bite (a bite of an apple, to make that clear) until stepping the bottom line to get centers fairly tight, but imprecise. But the Honduran has no the decibels of Wee Temps.

The dimension of Clark´s involvement in the game is growing. He looks bish-bash-bosh, light, subtle, dynamic and effective as an infiltrator. In the last times, Clark was under surveillance of defenders, suffered as a prisoner. Now, if find a hole, crushed and crushed.

I want to emphasize something, we must insist on the need to be precise in the pass to not provoking counterattacks and also hurt in a game in which foresaw need to maximize every concession rival´s turn. The blunder irritate when assembling quick attacks. To be more conclusive, to be improved in that respect.

The mistake of Mohsni to head back without panorama, plus the bad action defended, more the mummification of Zaliukas in full sequence of events. Reilly, with space, accelerated, saw Iain Russell by the medium, which placed the ball into the right post. (1-2). Everything seemed to collapse. The players looked at each other for answers. The nerves and ill omens that evoked past dramas flooded the atmosphere.

The fascination of football lies in, normally, almost nothing usually it seems. There are games that reveal these contradictions with all its graceful power. As epiphanies. What most people see in the field is often deceptively real. Those who succeed, lose, and seem overcome by shame are forging their glory. After the blamestorming, the Lithuanian paid the broken dishes. It was neither the best nor the worst; he was one of the replaced. The team changed its waterline. McCoist interpreted well the message; send to the field at halftime, Black and Temps. One to cover the spaces in midfield and another to generate precipitation.

There are players that are defined by a quality that excels the set of features that encompass a football player. Hips breaker, Temps usually draw diagonals until filter the final pass or drop a whip, striking a neat, sweet, and effective as of the second goal. Temps puts the ball where dictates his brain. Even Temps has improved their obstinacy in waging individual battles and involved more on team play. The goal was a refreshing and liberating effect. A goal of psychological stability. (2-2).

With an indomitable spirit, Rangers got on top to the visitor. After a corner kick by Law, Mohsni stormed the area like an exhalation, throwing himself the floor, by imposition turned the scoreboard. (3-2). Kenny Miller finished decorating the result with the fourth. Football is the most unfair of all sports. You do not win by points, or by technical knockout. You have to score goals, and to mark it takes some luck and effective attack. (4-2).

Scottish, Slang or words not too known

Haet: a whit; iota; the least amount.

Black-hole bill: depressing, miserable and expression heard, especially among males.

Bish-bash-bosh: Used to describe the efficiency of a process you have just explained, often used if there are 3 steps to the process.

Blamestorming: a session of mutual recrimination in which a group tries to find someone to blame for an error.

Nikica Jelavic 18

Nikica Jelavic 18

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