domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

Rangers 4-0 Hibs. The effectiveness

Thrashing is always a joy, a confirmation of expectations. A demonstration of capacity, good use of skills. It shows that we persevere, we must improve some aspects, work in the week. Try to be more secure in defense. Cancel the chances of rivals. But let´s start at the end.

Friends, do not enter into the newspaper game of false formulations. After the win, the newspapers began to talk about life after Jelavic. Let me clarify something, Jell is and has been a great contribution to the club. Not only goals but also pointing giving each match, giving all of himself. And so, I thank you, he´ll be in my memory, as is Dado Prso.

But The Rangers is an institution that always has to have his eleven warriors; we should not rely on a single name. Resources to reach the goal. Wallace does very well on the left. Although against Aberdeen, he was very strong and his partners sought him. This Saturday at Ibrox, Wallace returned to catch the ball, defended and ran to the left in search of opportunity. We have Edu, each match improves its performance and encourages more kick from outside the area, he has more confidence. We Aluko and zigzags and Healy and their defining half turns.

All team should be considered victorious in their resources to find surprising. Try patiently pierce the defenses, going in different directions and taking advantage of gaps left by the rivals. Thus came the first goal of Davis. A great reference to McGregor did a quick goal kick, pass and after Aluko, Steven Davis came only to set before the goalkeeper. 1-0

In the first half, I thought, but if we are local, why the initiative has Hibs game? And if we add that we played to the limit, the cocktail was terrifying. In our favor, the Hibernian did not have the unpleasant Griffiths and center striker Garry O´Connor. We had to remove the ball, do not let them do circular.

Among the low points we note the performance of Wylde. In previous matches, we were used to see driving on the right, with touches of Aluko and Whittaker raids on offense. An active rail movement of the ball. Wylde play again and did holder the right, the ball was loose and it was not an option in attack as they tried to exploit their speed to the marking of two rivals. Then, he would lose the ball. Wylde was repeated in their actions or, rarely, he gave the ball to Bartley and play slipped and had to start over.

The captain always asked to give. For me, Davis was one of the highlights of the match and, in general, in recent games has continuity in their game. Each time he recovered the ball and gave it accompanied him on offense. Against Aberdeen, Davis distributed the ball well, was associated with Edu in the midfield armed. On Saturday, Northern Ireland showed why he is captain, I already know many will disagree with my words, but I relied on the two goals he did, but in the increasingly important role in the team game. He does not hide, pressuring rivals, calls for the ball, run around the field, and moves on offense. And that, against Hibs, he scored two goals.

If we want to win the Scottish Premier League we must make some adjustments on defense. At times our defense was disconcerting. Something that has been happening often, in recent presentations is that they surprise us with long balls, we are not always aware when we should have controlled the situation. Either we were exposed in individual plays as the Aberdeen goal. Rivals like Hibs, often attack much from the sides. There will be a section here to discuss the position of Bartley, but we have to work in a clean exist from the bottom, not so frantic, where not only defense but also help the midfielders. It is important, moreover, that we pressures rival lest they throw a cross, to deny the ball without giving it away to rivals. In the match against Aberdeen, Bocanegra rejected the ball without much discretion. On Saturday, he was more orderly, defended well, put the whole body to move when necessary.

Well, let´s talk a while from the right side.  I think Kyle Bartley is a rock. He demonstrated it when he covered his teammates in a clear move Hibernian goal. It´s a great defender, has everything to be part of the defense of The English team in the future.  But I´m not convinced when he play the right side. I think we waste a great player by placing it there. I understand that this happens by urgency. He has no lateral projection of a classic, it has the tendency to reverse the ball, not face to face with ball in hand and when he pressed for the sector, Kyle loses the ball. This is a problem we had all season. Whittaker did not convince, left spaces in the background. Then came McMillan played well against Chelsea in a pre-season game and we asked aloud. After Whittaker was injured and started rumors that Sutter was coming. After the trial, no final agreement, the Estonian Jaager and the option of another strangers, the South African Siboniso Gaxa, we got here, no one can drill lateral to the right.

What I can say about Aluko has not been said so far. After Naisy injury, is the great surprise of the season. Because he came in silence, without the flashes of cameras, did the trial, and is proving a big category. Aluko has something like Messi, but his moves are repetitive maneuvers, the defenders are dizzy and fall in their path. They cannot grasp, he does what he wants, to such an extent that surprises the cameramen. With Sone, hold no waist!!! And the free kick was brilliant. Golazo.

domingo, 15 de enero de 2012

Aluko, show fakes, Jella the hunter in the area

It was vibrant… Beyond Sandaza soap opera in the pre-match and the absence of McGregor, a warranty through the goal of The Rangers. It was vibrant, exciting. A victory apotheosis. After all, the players fulfilled their mission, we win!!

The start of the matches looks like those movies that are repetitive uncomfortable. The team has trouble settling on the ground, dig deeper. Lacks consistency in the midfield, forgive me friends, that this proclamation depleted. In the first half, Nikica was forced to retreat in search of the ball because it does not get to it.

By that time the domain of the ball was handled by St. Johnstone, but it seems that at times was one of those teams Wimbledon style with Vinny Jones of the 90 in England, which were characterizes by bad guys. Probably that´s the style of your manager, more devoted to acting to make face for the cameras and fight with who gets ahead and not lead his team. That was until Davis caught the ball, he said I´m present. Aluko left to play for the side and was more central and thus face the opponent’s defensive midfielders. Until then Aluko was absent. I wrote in my paper, it should appear Aluko.

The game is focused on Wallace, arguably one of the main weapons of attack (in the second half almost scored a goal). Although McKay won twice at speed. Wallace also fought for the ball, goy it, wounded and, at times, played in the center of attack.
Aluko is the king of feints, bargaining. Some players from the Saints ended dizzy looking the ball. In the first goal, the defenders were watching the Alukinho left behind, he faked to shoot from and moved forward. When he kicked into the penalty area was a great hunter of ball, voracious, Nikica, who gives up no hits. 1-0.

We passed in front and that meant some degree of comfort to go to halftime. I liked the message left for Jella when he kissed the badge. To me, that was not a hypocritical act as suggested by some people on Twitter. I think it shows respect, which is a form of love this shirt. If he goes to England now or at the end of the season. I´ll stay with that image. One man who gave their best while with us.

Aluko is what The Rangers needed someone to break the mold, to put aside the conventional image. That is the phrase. Aluko represents the talent in the service of creation.

One of the rivalries that forget was between Bartley and Craig. Kyle is an advocate to every rule, plays well, but very different locations in the side, we opted for another feature of the player. Whittaker tends to run one per side and play individually. Bartley was contained and when they came out throwing balls squeezed. I think the needed assistance there. I am not denying the value of Kyle, I say: we should not hurt just because of it playing.

Finally, Steven Davis is back. The captain proved to sacrifice for the team, ran across the field. He was to receive the ball and gave up when necessary. Defensively, he did a great job. At times he was marking Sandaza and twice he brought him the ball. In the absence of help in midfield, as Edu was ubiquitous, Davis managed to fulfill the roles. And exercised tactical work that may not be flashy but gives much.

Nikica Jelavic 18

Nikica Jelavic 18

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