domingo, 30 de octubre de 2011

Aberdeen 1-2 Rangers. Personality Victory.

The numbers give us reason and our neighbors are far, 12 points, lost in their pettiness. The first face the challenge of Hearts and then to Aberdeen resulted in the best wat, despite Naisy injury. Despite coming into the match on the back of six straight SPL victories Rangersd were madde to work hard as Aberdeen looked to cause an upset. Both sides made plenty of errors as they gave away possession to the opposition and in truth there were very few real opportunities in the early exchangers. At Pittodrie, was a game played to the limit (injury, cautions and red cards were the result of these tensions) to combat, physical play, rubbing, a few spaces, interrupted game, where, at times, everything is hindered.

McCulloch was the initial choice to continue the fight in the midfield. He stood in front of the central defenders. One option that may be questionable given the nature of the game and the opponent, but Ally decides. We could score two facets of Lee in this match: first, was disciplined spending and helping their peers to restart the game at a time when the team needed this correction fee. And second (and negative) he was overtaken by rivals in speed and lost some balls, which many fans irritates us.

In this scheme Rangers tried to cover the spaces, rearming the plays, but falling into the common place is the pitch of McGregor when no one was unmarked. Another one that fell on the pitch was Goian recurrence, although it should be stressed that it was an excellent signing, much needed now and in the future. The Romanian did great coverage, going to left to score and subtract the opponents moves.  But back to the previous one. You should have only one question: how many balls won our team after a hit from long distance? If you look back those plays, you will realize that we earned with that resource and, in general, was the opponent the ball to restart the game.

Averaging the first time, our team moving, sometimes erratic, struggling to make passes because we closed the Abeerden spaces well. We could not give continuity to the movement of the ball. There appeared missing Davis, who was made master of the ball, but that, did not happen and the attack focused on the right side where Edu and Whittaker consistently fell into the trap of Aberdeen. The Dons closed the spaces and we could not find a resolution to this dilemma. Or lost the ball or fouled. Or we let all delivered to climb a spasmodic and Lafferty finished working at a center Papac failed to conveert on its head. Lafferty contract renewal!!!

And we Jelavic, the fighter alone in this match. In the first half, there was never clear the ball, so he had to go back and get into the game. The defensive scheme and the pressure in the Aberdeen midfield was efficient, at least in first half.  Jela was often back on goal with no chance to turn around and find company.

In a second half with a somewhat frantic start, Rangers took over the match. We´re used to seeing a change of mind after the break. Not only did Davis caught the ball, too Edu, McCulloch circulated it to the left where both Papac and Wallace as overflow centers seeking. Or looking for faults near the area.

Lafferty´s goal was the result of his tireless will, persistence and definition. Kyle, for me, is an optimistic player, never ceases to amaze. Those who do not care about the context, adversity is always willing to give something more. His celebration with folded arms forming the X, in honor of Naisy, shows him in full.  Davis, master, made the break to leave only with the bow Lafferty, stopped the ball and looked up to Kyle gave Zidante style. I have to say also that magic was made possible as Edu fought the ball from the ground.

I think the Aberdeen goal is unfortunate for McGregor, but you are closely following the play, is due in part to the poor location og the referee. When Ricky Foster takes the ball, the referee is in a uncomfortable position McGregor´s vision and to make matters worse, the referee makes a curtain covering the visual effect of Allan suddenly found the ball over.

Naisy. I hope he can recover quickly from injury. It is a fundamental pillar in this scheme. He not only brings personality, character, and imposing presence and is one of our scorers. I hope to see again Naismith in the field. Their presence gives the game a unique imprint.


lunes, 24 de octubre de 2011

Hearts 0-2 Rangers. Winning mentality

Tynecastle was the sand of one of the greatest challenges of the season, there had plummeted Celtic. It was, perhaps, a chess match, where a priori the Hearts have the initiative. McCoist made a smart wont.

Ally surprised everyone with the inclusión in the starting line to McCulloch and Papac by Wylde and Jelavic, who waited his chance in the bench. Social networks were a host of rejections, mainly against the presence of McCulloch and not including McKay, I thought (and now I do not want anything with the award as a result). But, I think Super-Allly was raised a different match, noting the shortcomings produced against Saint Mirren and having noted some of the events that flew over the great victory of Hearts (against Celtic 2-0).

As I have stated on previous occasions, every game is different, a universe of meanings that makes it unique. It is very positive rethink and build schemes as rivals, according to their own potential, using the resources available, I applaud Super-Ally and technical staff. McCulloch gave mark and remove, greater distribution of the ball. Occasionally that´s wthat our team needed. Wylde is an offensive player does not have defensive characteristics. Instead, the role of Papac was multifaceted, exchanged positions with Wallace and advocate attacked and was able to procure offensive plays.

The Hearts attacked, first by the right and then left when they realized they could exploit the rivalry Templeton-Whittaker doing the same damage as the first date of the SPL at Ibrox. Although often encountered Hearts the wall, Dorian Goian. Initially, Whittaker could not control Templeton that trascends it. What caused his untimely booking.

Naismith´s goal was the result of persistence commitment Whittaker, who never ceased to fight for the ball and move causing a rift in the defense of Hearts. Naismith, the league´s top scorer, has nine domestic goals this season. The goal brought peace to our team and enough stress to Hearts. The Rangers took advantage of that circumstance accurately by passing the ball, looking for unmarked player, restarting the game, the opponent is a mere spectator.

Carlos Bocanegra has been a guarantee in the defense, denied everything, absolutely everything. I lost count of the times he nodded.  With Goian have established a defense impenetrable. Much of this complicity is the product of concentration. This defense has a great bulwark in McGregor, to me the Man of the match. He was great, was crucial saves. I the shots from outside the area found him safe.

Was one of those matches that test the strength of defensive concetration. At these times you have to break the psychological domain set by the rival besieged the Rangers door. Install another story, break the mold. And that Super-Ally picks up the glove and raises does a punch line? Yeah, right, Jelavic and Wylde came to change that darkly threatening the Light Blue area. And as luck has to be created, is to accompany, Ally is an optimist and Jella it was over, his arms and ironic look after the goal to prove it.


Nikica Jelavic 18

Nikica Jelavic 18

We Are Not Neil Lennon!

We Are Not Neil Lennon!

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Spot The Difference