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Falkirk 0-2 Rangers. Gutties goal in day discount

WARNING: If you do not want to be splashed by the shards, you can retrace your steps and still enjoy Sunday. Not a post for people with abrupt sensitivity.

What I expect from Rangers? Be it protagonist, creative, that they do not despise the possession of the ball, which they provoke and press forward. Well, none of that happened. It lacked intent and intensity. No one open the field. The lack of creativity not even was offset with physical prowess. Rangers left prematurely the movement, which in physics equals to cooled, use to say my high school teacher. Rangers uncovered his alarming deficiencies in the circulation of the ball and the inability to find spaces. It´s time to leave the old-hat.

To put it bluntly, the game model current is unclear, somewhat erratic and predictable, jiggered to watch. With little play on the floor, discontinuous and very locked, with discolored heroes. Rangers left a feeling of aridity in the majority of the game, as if the climate change of division, it will fall to too heavy. The show was full of impressions and consequently compulsively frenetic. But in the 90 minutes we drag a serious problem: was unable to build game, that´s worrying, I want insist on this point.

No doubt, was a chameleonic game, full of costumes. Rangers disguised with old suit, playing very little the ball, giving away many times. Falkirk was insouciant nothing to do with those innocent teams. The Light Blues with less tactical corset beat an opponent who competed far as they could.

Rangers, weighs on him not find an explanation for the ability of rivals to address it without apparent difficulty. At first, only Wallace seemed determined to get out of the way for slow vehicles that adorned the road. Actually, it was because in the scheme of McCoist only Wallace has the freedom to play without flashing lights. Although it must be say that McGregor also enjoyed the same depth for overtaking but has the tendency to go towards the medium, unlike Foster, which usually goes straighter.

The first hint of how the game was going to be, the first action. An imprecision of Mohsni which heads the ball up with no direction; the ball divided near the center circle, Blair Alston snubs Zaliukas who rushed out to cut leaving the defense under the open sky. McGregor arrives to cover, but Alston contrives to leave him on the floor and crosses the ball to Tom Taiwo but avoids the goal.

Falkirk does not speculate. His manager Houston, auld connoisseur, was able to visualize the game, supporting attacks from the side of McGregor, on the backs of Templeton, with Alston leveraging our defensive disagreements. The young of the Bairns came close to scoring the first goal when the ball crosses the entire area, unopposed, no hiss, nothing. The ball was kissing the back post.

BRILL keeper. The nervousness of defense was offset by the safety transmitted by Cammy Bell. In the second half, after a corner, Bell avoided a shot from the floor just inches from the line. A moment before he had flown to send a devilish ball to the corner after a free kick near the area made by Alex Cooper.

The sequence was repeated, continuing with a pass to Wallace, who offered to return it to Mohsni, which in turn is passed to Zaliukas, for lack of offers. Predominated the backward passes, and finally, the old and depreciated long ball forward, where intervened gratefully the home defenders. Take the ball and throw it high and far seems like a practice typical of other sport. But the most naive (and throw a flaky) is that it´s a cession for the opponent to take the position of the ball and lead of the game.

There was no way of unclog the ducts carrying the local goal. Slow like a game of curling. But in football the ball does not expect, nor the rival agrees that fanned.

The gemme presented a challenged for Ally, forced by the absence of Black, restructuring the midfield. Had alternatives. A feasible, and a look to the future, was Murdoch (in the first pre-season games showed enough criteria) but it was not even on the bench or Hutton, it can distribute some more. Ally opted for the uninspiring Jig, more prone to inaccuracy in that part of the field. McCoist, consistent with his history, disdained the movement of the ball and chose the thrust, is sad to say. To lack of football midfielder and attackers pressure, was imposed the fit of rage, sufficient for Falkirk, better organized than us, attack and penalize the absence of an efficient midfield and the slow response of our defense.

The rhombus of the Falkirk medullary was enough to deactivate any of our limited ideas, whenever the extremes put between the side and the inside to subtract the pass line, the same way that the most advanced midfielder squeezed to central defender, unable to connect with the midfielders. The idea of reducing our margin of maneuver, taking the ball around the confined spaces of the pitch.

In the first half, Lewis wearing gutties, started from the position of midfielder on the left, not mixed with Law, or short, or long, and not leaked any harmful pass (the only lucid option was a pass to Boyd, who was offside). No established a matching circuit, was imprisoned in the stripe, by his own indecision and by virtue of the rival who caged him. That did not attack the spaces to stretch the field on the left, closed area in the first 45 minutes. He was led a fatiguing job to orient the plays.

Into the spotlight. Mohsni not allowed one neat beginning with the ball, profligate, at times, seems to have a somewhat fractious to interpret the position, as a spoiled brat. Anxiety or coarseness is a complex issue and often generates on a spree of rule-breaking. Falkirk had two free kicks in the door of our area; both were unnecessary fouls of Mohsni.

Until now the Miller-Boyd union is a neuronal exercise for nostalgic, myself included. On Friday night, Rangers attack was a wasteland devoid of interest unless someone is ben on forcing the situation. But that did not happen. Without access to the ball, disconnected, the strikers must fend for themselves. Boyd, a warrior of a thousand battles, suffering the abstinence from goal, if you remember the third goals disallowed for offside, his celebration was one of the most intense outbursts in recent history. Forbye, Kenny is a case, in the area of gravitation, the boy is not found himself, his incidence of the games was scarce. It seems laconic but his body language and gestures speak for him, for moments fussy, makes a face pain. Their general appearance is lethargic.

In seven delirious minutes, Rangers found and rescued two goals a game in which always started off fake guest who had just sneak through a side door. What a running! The milometer exploded, unfailing, Aird with space is unstoppable, a gale. Always gemmy, Fraser is the kind of wee players who make the team smile again, even though have been excluded from the initial sequence. As he saw that awaited the brave defender, chose to keep running but in parallel with the area. There he found McLeod walking his parcel. Riddy, Lewis set his jaw and shot from outside the box. The ball bounces off a defender and starts to deviate slowly, as having a feeling of guilt about crossing the line. (0-1). Sometimes a play has more therapeutic value than the best of the matches. Thus it was, passed on to win the game. Football has its whims and contradictions.

A cleverly corner kick from Lewis that sees Nicky Law alone, the English kicks on goal and Clark puts on chest to the situation (0-2). If anything goal is enough to adorn games like Falkirk, who hardly find attractive point. Is, after all, the only factor that not escapes the beauty in a game that does not matter how you get it.

This is the dictionary of Glaswegian words or slang I used for this blog due to recent claims lolz

Gutties: cheap trainers your mother forced upon you when you were young.

Jiggered: is to be exhausted or tired out.

Throw a flaky: to became extremely and demonstrably angry.

Gemme = game.

Forbye = besides or in addition.

Gemmy = bold, cheeky and spirited.

Riddy =ready.

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