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Rangers 3-0 Stranraer. Sandy in Royal Blue. RIP

Rangers Family has lost one of the most beloved, honest, heros appreciated by all and sundry, who was always in the front row, with unwavering loyalty. He put everything and asked for nothing in return for the club was kept standing. Sandy Jardine was a man who transcended the playing fields, which was devoted each time to our true passion. Was due to club unconditionally. A service and Big love that can be seen rarely these days. Sandy did not leave us, because LEGENDS like him are inscribed in history, there remain only as memories but as the representation of all values that always Glasgow Rangers defended and I hope to continue to prevail even in the dark days.  Personally I must say that is very sad, devastating, always fondly remember these figures that I looking for in my early fan. You know the icons left an indelible mark on each of us. I feel like a part of us disappeared.

Crestfallen and undisguised tears, in respectful silence for the duration of the way in the space of condolences. Ended up in a carpet of scarfs that reached the same gates of Ibrox (It´s difficult to forget that similar image when Cooper passed away). On one side, the statue of John Greig, solemn, distressed by the departure of his "little brother". This time the dominant Red, White and Blue mixed with the colors of the Jambos and the green of Celtic, with the flowers that personally approached Peter Lawwell, his chief executive. A noble gesture that Rangers family appreciate.

With an sad irrepressible, Ally said in his lucid speech after the game that was a strange day, very difficult hours, where expressions of love flooded the entire public life of the club. The minute of silence enrolled tears and remembrance, emotion on the pitch and the stands at Ibrox.

Had to be play a game, and emotions would be close to the surface at all times, Sandy in Royal Blues dye in 90 minutos and after. Rangers were inclined by where progressed Aird or Smith and the rival does not find a way to counter it. The first threw a center for Daly, who headed away, whiles the endless applause was our only focus at the second minute. Smith then sent a perfect cross, Daly settled back to his head, the ball ended up in the hands of the keeper. A basic football, control and openness to the sides that was enough to rush the opponent and provide the percentage of occasions.

There was more desire to attack that recoil, quickly, putting very fast the ball in play, catch. Rangers always have the desire to acquire the absolute monoculture of the ball, the axis around which intends to gravitate its splendor. That does not happen often. I say, without being overly cuddly with the ball, woo it a little more, so do not go with that is the other side of the midline.

Nicky Law was again in melancholic state. I was expected that he organized and leak fast passes, when could catch disorganized to Stranraer. It is known his criteria for move the ball quickly and speeds up static attack. But was ambiguous while the ball was in his radar, seemed oblivious to the sequence. The days of profession of faith appear to have been exhausted until further notice. And it weighs Rangers to mediate in sports litigation. In football nothing is biodegradable, less Law, whose talent is beyond doubt. With the war economy on his back, that of the good savers of passes, that keeps the ball and protects it, the team shows greater deficiencies.

Did not matter that Shiels could receive between lines, visitors skirted The Rangers attack to force those download. Their football was in a continual clash against those lines. So far everything was predictable. But then, instead of closing, Stranraer took steps back. Instead of looking for contrast, defenders retreated, Aird received the ball (product of one of those lucid pass of Law) and in one motion, let the defender snubbed, there launched a whipping. Golazo. (1-0). Aird, with that aplomb own of the veterans, played this time heeled to the left, exploiting their speed, change of pace, slight luggage, and trying to generate shots on goal. The boy seems those Scottish players of the 70s, it is not known if his prominent jaw, those eyes that promise nobility, or the compact body, slightly hunched forward and well balanced on short, strong hindquarters, and arched.

Each with his mold, Stranraer, all disarmed before the battle, that is, before the area. It is impossible to resist without courage and visitors have not demonstrated this attribute. While Rangers looked blank verses that might emotion, if not football, the score. Because one thing is the strategy and other the art.

Arnold Peralta with the surprise of his street anarchy was able to crack the Cartesian order of the opponent´s turn. The Catracho comes, returns, strike, pressed, entangled, works, efforts and, all is well, he plays football, or tries. Even in the changes in orientation. Mohsni fight for the ball, ungainly jumps, and the play is blurred, he refuses. The ball reach to the food of Aird, that beginning the attack. The visitor´s defense, in full retreat, was pure butter out of the fridge: lends spreads. Peralta seep by the side, it is only with the keeper to score the second goal (2-0).

The temperament is not practiced. Brings or not with the player from his home or, rather, of his childhood. Aird is one of those with character in a triangulation with Daly and Shiels, he received the ball and launched a shot that was close. In those moments, Law processed well the plays, touch orthodox way and clean.

This version of Rangers is a team precipitates. Without short cut, who lives in the extremes, near to being shot down by their own mistakes, goes driven like a bullet to reach the goal, invading the area to assault. Smith is a predictor of geographical legacy that left Wallace recorded, in its absence. The ease to partner and always in the right space in order to support, stepwise to his mates in the advance of the offensive. Smith took the ball at the three-quarter court, intervened the essential Aird, and returned the ball to the side, which launched a balloon to the area. Just missing an extra dose of the optimism of Shiels, who indefatigably tried twice shooting, on the rebound sealed the score. (3-0).

Mohsni is not the kind of phlegmatic player, compensates certain coarseness of movements with unrestricted presence. Swarm the wide area, alternating outputs of ball, more vertical and harmful, with basic misconceptions, passes docile, meek, and starchy. Have a goal, and everyone tries to calm him. A bipolarity that should be cured for the next season. If the football will continue starting from Mohsni.

This team has a problem to solve, well, more than one. Usually lose their greatest asset: the ball. Generally, for individual errors, inattention, unnecessary rejections when could protect it. For example, when Jig, without visible opposition takes the ball and decides to send it away and not look for a teammate. Especially in the games that are solved for details. At the same time, I do not find consistency in the presence of midfielder that can protect the line of defense. Even players participating in the game without the ball. The rivals, with a priori more weight in the next season, could easily find space. This season did not need to play, only to create conditions in which it may be imposed (I mean in League One). It can be a corner, an (in)direct free, a counterattack or a cross. Everything whatever is above it is sufficient to define games, whether locked or where it can deploy the backlash.

I think we have to work tactically, not even having problems for scoring. As I write these lines, Demba Ba scores a decisive goal from Chelsea at Anfield Road, although all emphasize the mistake of Gerrard and "docile" pass from Sakho, for me, the greatest virtue is the relentless pressure of the attacker near midfield. Something hard to see these days at Ibrox.  Today, I remembered a lucid phrase from Guardiola, Messi was always my best defender. I think we have to address the games also as physical clinch or a constant fight to gain meters and reduce the contrary.

Sandy´s legacy will be forever in our hearts, whenever we remember him not only appear these pictures of football player (that pleasantly brightened my early adolescence and my wishlist) but also that of the man in the front row of Hampden, that the man who was willing to give everything of themseleves to defend our club.

Sandy Jardine RIP 

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